Going Dutch: from catch phrase to product inspiration

In New Device on December 3, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Piece of Cake device

At the beginning of the summer I wrote a blog piece for brand salsa about “Going Dutch” a term rising in American vernacular due to the poor economy. A few days ago I came across “Piece of Cake” a device made by Yanko Designs that makes “Going Dutch” easy by allowing up to eight people to split a bill using their credit cards. Although I’ve never used one it looks like it also allows people to pay at their table for added convenience. At first I saw this as an example of social shift towards frugalness inspiring a product that made the process easy. Having just eaten out at a restaurant I now see this product as a must for parties over three. The food was amazing but it took 20 minutes to split the check 6 ways.

Link to previous Blog post: Dating? Try “Going Dutch”


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