2010 Kellogg Marketing Conference

In Brand Insight, Digital Marketing on January 19, 2010 at 12:34 am

This weekend is the much anticipated 2010 Kellogg Marketing Conference! I’m so glad I signed up early because it’s officially sold out! I’m currently working on a way to tweet from the conference and will post notice here if I get the green light.

The conference takes part over two days; Friday is strictly for Kellogg Alumni and Professionals so I will jumping in bright and early Saturday morning. They had a tempting menu of six panels on Saturday but I could only choose two to attend. The two panels I chose revolve around my interests in mobile marketing and the burgeoning relationships between consumers and brands through social media. Here are very brief descriptions of these panels:

Panel #1: “Mobile Marketing: Is iPhone the Tipping Point? This panel will present varying perspectives of the present and future of mobile marketing.

Panel #2: “Social Media: Leveraging the Consumer Voice.” I’m particularly excited about this panel because it’s all about how brands and consumers are connecting through social media. This panel will discuss how brands are serving customers through social media and how companies can measure their progress towards specific marketing goals and pre-determined measures of success.

To read more about the Kellogg Marketing Conference check out the website.


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