First Injury…or is it?

In Exercise on September 10, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Since June I’ve been training for my first marathon. This marathon is right around the corner on 10.10.2010 and it’s only this past week that I had my first “injury.” I call this injury the “phantom leg.”
It all started Wednesday evening as I ran to catch my train home while loaded down by my computer and wearing cute loafers. A sharp pain sounded in my right shin but I kept running to make the train. An hour later I headed out for a training run–5 miles steady. Only the pain in my shin intensified with every step. After a half mile I walked home.

I took Wednesday and Thursday morning off from the training schedule. I took advil regularly and wore supportive shoes. Thursday night I gave running another go–it was a success. No real pain but I did experience the occasional “phantom leg.” The only way I can describe the feeling is that while running i will occasionally experience leg weakness. I’ll put my foot down on a stride and it’s as if my muscles aren’t there to support my weight. I quickly switch and by the next stride I’m generally ok–leg feels normal.

This phantom leg happened today too–except this time I was just walking around the office. Concerned I started researching what it could be. From what I can read online it seems like I have some mild form of a stress fracture. Now I’m no where close to a doctor so please know that I am not officially diagnosing myself. HOwever, the logic seems there. I’ve been running A LOT which means I’ve been overworking these muscles. I have not been cross-training nor am I the best at stretching so these muscles haven’t been soothed or strengthened. As a result they swell or the membrane around the swells–it doesn’t matter at this point because the swelling can cause the tenderness or “phantom” feeling I’ve experienced.

The current course of action includes: icing my shin while sitting down, taking anti-inflammatories regularly, stretching, and if need be I’ll seek out an athletic massage or physical therapist. This last bit isn’t to be dramatic, one website I visited suggested massages can reduce swelling and stretch out the membranes.

If you’re a runner and have some experience, do share! I’d love to know if or when it went away and how you fixed it.

For now, I’ll share my sources–they aren’t hard to find on your own but just in case—

1. Lower Leg Problems–Marathon Training Program (i do not use this program but found this during my google search)

2. Runners World

Happy Running!


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