How long would it take us to completely clear our cupboards?

In Cooking on January 4, 2011 at 2:40 pm

After putting away groceries yesterday with my fiancee, a question came to mind: how long would it take us to eat all the food in our kitchen? With that a game was afoot! We did set a few caveats such as being allowed to buy more milk, butter, and eggs because they are generally likely to go bad and be necessary to consume the other things in our kitchen like flour, coffee, and cereal. Although I guess we could eat our cereal sans milk but that would make this game a challenge. We’re not looking for any more challenges at the moment.

So what have we eaten thus far from our kitchen?

My fiancee took care of lunch and it was delicious! Lunch consisted of Amy’s Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup, an organic baked potato, and Trader Joe’s frozen Macaroni and Cheese.

Dinner was a different story. I was excited to make Biryanni, an Indian rice and tofu dish, again. This dish would also use up lots of food from our kitchen. I don’t have the recipe on hand but the main ingredients include rice, tofu, yogurt, vegetable broth, and I threw in some mushrooms. Well, 30 minutes later we sat down to enjoy it only to find it was a culinary disaster. It was gross. The worst part, besides wasting food, is that I don’t know where I went wrong with the directions which makes me reluctant to try again.

We ended up eating cold cereal for dinner…a couple bowls each.

Despite the minor setback from dinner last night, I’m quite excited about this food game. It’s encouraging a new creativity in meal design and preparation. As our dinners become more and more creative I’ll be sure to include pictures in my account.

Over the next few days, weeks, and maybe months I will be answering the question of how long it takes us to completely eat our cupboards bare.

  1. what an excellent challenge! i need to try this with our
    pantry, mostly because my brother just moved in with us and brought
    along a bunch of boxed and canned JUNK that i don’t care to
    personally eat. but maybe this will motivate him to eat it.

    • Hey Terri! I didn’t realize you have a blog too. This has been a great game to clear our cupboards and a great motivator to get me writing again. Will be posting about yesterday’s meals sometime today. Happy Wednesday!

  2. haha yes. i’ve been blogging since i was 15. i sparingly share it with work-related folks. but i consider you my friend and not just a co-worker, so you’re safe. 🙂

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